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Manitou V-Toon In Creating Better Performing Boats, Manitou Changed the Standards of the Entire Industry.

Today, the Manitou name is synonymous with performance. But they didn't just land there by strapping bigger motors on their boats and painting flames on the hull. Rather, they set out to increase performance by methodically understanding how the pontoon works in the water. From that research, they made precision changes to the design, fabrication, and placement of the tubes, so that they are capable of supporting much higher horsepower. And, ultimately, deliver far superior handling. Today's Manitou pontoons are available in two different hull configurations, and multiple packages - each one developed using this performance enhancing research and design.

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twin tube hull While it may be more of what you are used to seeing on a pontoon, the Manitou twin tube hull delivers performance that is totally unexpected. Able to handle up to 130HP, the Twin Tube is still capable of giving tubers and light skiers a thrilling ride. Every Manitou model is available with this economical hull design, except for the X-PLODE and SES.


When you demand performance, Manitou's V-Toon hull delivers a three tube experience that outperforms all others. The patented V-Toon technology adds a larger diameter center tube to the hull; then drops it down 1.5" below the side tubes to create a 5.25" differential. The oversized center tube and lifting strakes allow for unprecedented maneuvers while eliminating flat cornering and banking to the outside. So, what does all this mean to you? It means better hole shots, improved acceleration, higher top end speeds, and increased stability in calm and rough water. Not to mention the pure enjoyment of having up to 300 HP at your effortless disposal.

shp handling package manitou spoart handling package

The Sport Handling Package (SHP) is just that – a perfectly designed V-Toon hull for action and high-performance. Capable of handling 175 – 300 HP, the SHP uses V-Toon technology, our thicker aluminum Barracuda nosecones, and wide positive angle lifting strakes on all three tubes to ratchet up the boat's efficiency and maneuverability, all while delivering a silky smooth ride at any speed. The SHP is standard on the X-PLODE and available on all Manitou boat models except Aurora.

Manitou vp hull Manitou VP hull

Possessing many of the exceptional ride and handling characteristics of the SHP, the VP is the V-Toon hull equipped to perform at speeds in the upper 30s with up to 150 HP. The VP integrates features such as splash guards for maximum durability and positive angle lifting strakes on the center tube to provide a smooth ride in rough water. The VP is an economical option for those who still want a high performing boat. All Manitou models except the X-PLODE are available with the VP hull configuration.

Tube Diameter 25", 23" 23" x 27" x 23" 23" x 27" x 23"
Tube Material
.090" 23" - .090" all but rear section, .100" rear
27" - .100" all but rear section, .160" rear
23" - .090" all but rear section, .100" rear
27" - .100" all but rear section, .160" rear
Lifting Strakes N/A Positive Angle, Center Tube Only Positive Angle Wide, All Three Tubes
Nosecones Standard Standard w/ welded side keels Barracuda
Nosecone Material
Top: .090
Bottom: .100
Top: .090" on 23"; .090" on 27"
Bottom: .100" on 23"; .110" on 27"
Top: .090" on 23"; .090" on 27"
Bottom: .100" on 23"; .110" on 27"
Transom Hydrodynamically Shaped Sealed Performance, Integrated Sealed Performance, Integrated
Steering Teleflex Xtreme SeaStar® Hydraulic SeaStar® Power Assist
Front Deck Curved Curved Performance V
Deck Optional Underskinning Underskinning Underskinning
Maximum HP 60-130 150 175 - 300
Fuel Capacity 24 gal. 44 gal. 44 gal.

Manitou hull design options. No matter your desire on the water, Manitou, has something for you. They set the bar for performance pontoon boats with their V-Toon Technology,
now that technology is offered in a more economic package, introducing the all new VP hull.

Watch the video explaining the basic differences between the Standard Twin, the VP and the SHP.

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